right that she had to squint, but she was observing very intently. The child’s facial features are quite delicate and beautiful, it’s just a black face, it doesn’t make much difference whether to wipe the ashes. Coupled with short hair, his voice is hoarse and not talkative after swallowing hot coals, and it’s so cool, wherever you go, there are a group of girls who lead the people. Richard saw the opportunity to flash past, letting the opponent lose his strength, and tapping the sword on the Tiger Spirit Ranger helmet, you were dead again. Remember, you must grasp the distance and center of gravity in a sword fight. Hu Ling took off his helmet and nodded quickly, panting. In response to the kind ridicule of his companions, he got into the crowd, grabbing the one with the biggest laugh and punching twice. Are there any more? The sword in Richard’s hand was turning between his fingers, like a juggler in the country. Wherever he looked, the tall and sturdy warriors shrank their heads for fear of being noticed. Although the opportunity is rare, not everyone has the courage to actively accept the ravages. grown ups. Sinclair plucked up the courage to walk up to him, can you teach me swordsmanship? Oh? The sharp blade, which was spinning dazzlingly, was suddenly inserted into the sheath, and it was so neat and precise that it immediately caused a shout of applause. Have you learned swordsmanship before? Only learned a little. Sinclair said nervously. The Orc Kingdom’s style of martial arts even surpasses Pompeii, even if it is an underage girl like her, she must receive certain martial arts training. Therefore, she could see that the swordsmanship of the lord of the mountain fort was more powerful than any famous master in the palace, and it was much more powerful. The sword is not like a tool in his hand, but like an extension of his hands and eyes. If you can learn such a brilliant swordsmanship, maybe you don’t have to run away all the time. Sinclair was a little lost for a while. Higuain, let me see w