ss skeletons dancing and dancing, as if a dark-style undead ball is being held in the mountain fort. Haha, a bunch of idiots! Gunther laughed wildest with his battle axe. The climate is already quite cold now, and Nutao River has long been covered by thick ice. After inspecting the speed of ice formation outside, the lord thought that breaking the ice all the time was a waste of manpower, so he ordered the entire ice surface to be finely polished. On smooth ice, it is difficult for ordinary people without training to maintain balance, not to mention the undead who are naturally inferior in coordination. Of course, this little trouble is nothing to them at all. In the follow-up, more undead will not avoid the skeleton soldiers at all, stepping on the ground into bone slag, spreading on the ice surface to easily solve the problem of anti-skid. As a result, the ripper legion, gleaming with silver armor, like a heavenly warrior, slammed into the dusty, undead that seemed to have just been digged out of an ancient tomb! With resentment towards life, the resuscitator uttered an unexplained low growl in his throat, desperately attacking the living. But after a few months of experience in the Late Forest, the improvement of the Ripper Legion is beyond imagination! A total of two thousand infantrymen were divided into two rows, guarding the defense line of 1,500 yards. This means that their formation must be loose and thin, and it is impossible to arrange them in a dense square. Our lord is really brave and dare to arrange such a loose array. Seedorf stood on the top of the castle, leaning on the wall, and couldn’t help feeling. When arranging tactics, he actually didn’t agree with this unconventional style of play. However, if Richard insists on this three-seat area of ??Gaoshan Fort, no one else can do anything. In the military field, conventionality often represents the most tempered classics, so anti-conventionality is not a compliment. But almost all of the super elite infantry composed of top soldiers a