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xed feelings when he poured the first concrete column and said to Roland, “It turns out that cement can be used in this way, and when mixed with pebbles, it can be shaped into various shapes at will, forming any part of the house. Your Majesty, I think it won’t be long before the masonry line may completely disappear from the masonry.” Except for the beams and columns, the floors of the Witch’s Building are all made of prefabricated cement slabs. With the holey cement slab, Roland seems to have returned to his childhood. Only after 80s did he see this ancient building material. By the time he was a teenager, they had been completely replaced by cast-in-place concrete floor slabs, and were completely abandoned by the times . In Border Town, this “backward” prefabricated board has once again gained a new lease of life. The Witch House is located on the left side of the castle, forming an “l” shape with the castle. Even the large gardens enclosed by the two buildings will be expanded three or four times larger than before, enough for leaves to improve various crops and fruits. Used it. Evelyn staying in the new house is a bit nervous. It’s been a month since she came to Border Town, and she seems to have never done anything except wine tasting for her Royal Highness. The last exam was also the bottom of the witches, and only scored five points. Although the scroll teacher did not announce the results in public, this kind of thing can be guessed by inquiring in private. Even the honey that talks to the birds all day scored seven points! She suddenly felt that she was no different from a fool. Even so, His Royal Highness didn’t mean to treat her differently. He still went to talk to her about the special drinks from various places from time to time, and then tasted the new hot liquor. At the end of last month, he received a Golden Dragon salary. This made her feel more uneasy–compared to the other four, she seemed to be living for nothing. “There is a kitchen dedicated to cooking beside the liv