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e women go to work instead of staying at home,” Roland suddenly thought of something, “The current universal education in Border Town seems to be progressing faster in women’s classes? “Although the main person in charge of the Ministry of Education is Ms. Shujuan, this is indeed the case. Apart from taking care of the children and housework, they are not capable of doing much, so they spend most of their time reading and literacy. “In that case, I request that when the next round of assessment is over, the city hall you are responsible for must recruit a group of female apprentices and gradually increase the proportion of female positions,” Roland ordered. “Your Highness, there is no precedent for this,” Barrow said. The husband frowned and said, “If you are only careful, my apprentice is no worse than any woman. “If there is no precedent, create a precedent,” Roland said bluntly. “This is also the easiest and fastest way to increase the labor force without expanding the total population. If all women can take on the task of building a small town, My available manpower can be doubled. What you have to do is to guide people to change their minds-as long as the salary is attractive, I think they will stand up one by one. After Barov retreated, Nightingale smiled in the ear of the prince, “What are you planning to do to eat again?” “Starch?” No, it’s not for eating,” Roland took a sip of the tea, “though it is true that the same good ingredients can be obtained during the processing. Soak the refined wheat flour in water, then knead and wash until the water is completely white, then change to another basin of water to continue. The last remaining sticky substance is gluten, which can be used for frying or stir-frying. The taste is flexible and rich. Elasticity. Spreading honey or sprinkling spices after being out of the pan is a great delicacy. However, Roland’s focus is not on the food. After the milky white water is sieved and left to stand, the precipitate is starch, which is also the main material for making ex