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the taste is better. It is more abundant. But this is just my personal opinion,” Evelyn replied cautiously, “The tavern at home also only sells cheap wine and water-blended ale. I don’t know the tendency of the nobles.” It turned out not to be suspicious of wine. There was a problem, the prince quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He got up and opened the bookcase, and took out a can of ale from the top floor and placed it in front of Evelyn, “Then can you convert this can of ale into the white winehould be fine.” She stretched out her hands and held it up. Hold the jar, and soon the dim wine inside changed. As the bubbles rose, the ale became more and more clear, and finally it was as translucent as plain water, but Roland had already smelled the rich aroma of the wine. He couldn’t wait to dip his finger a bit and put it in his mouth. The bitterness and scorching heat came at the same time, which was the taste of high alcohol. Roland couldn’t help laughing, “That’s why I chose you.” Looking at the confused Evelyn, he clapped his hands and said, “I plan to open an alcohol factory. No, it’s a winery. Would you like Will you be my chief winemaker?” (To be continued.) Chapter 302 The horn of the decisive battle, in the palace hall of Yongdong King Capital, the fire in the fireplace was already burning. | Compared with the four seasons of Graycastle, the summer here is very short, and autumn is more like a forecast of the coming of severe cold. Even before it is too late to change into a light short coat, the cold wind will come again. Garcia Wimbledon wore a fox fur coat and sat on the throne, listening to the appeals and demands of the nobles. She didn’t like this palace. The pillars, walls, and floor were all made of snow-white stone, and each piece was polished smoothly and translucently, looking like ice. Despite adding two layers of velvet upholstery to the seat, she can still feel the bitter chill from the cold iron chair. This damn house seemed to be made of ice, she thought displeased.