month, right? “Almost. “The co


ing room, and there is a strange little room painted white. Come and take a look,” Candlelight Pushed open the bedroom door and said excitedly. “Yeah” Evelyn answered feebly. “What’s wrong, uncomfortable?” The candle flame was startled, squatting down and covering her forehead, “It’s not hot.” Then she smiled, “Could it be the sisters of the Mutual Aid Society who are reluctant to sleep on a bed?” Yi Fu Lin was silent for a moment before she whispered, “”We have been here for more than a month, right? “Almost. “The construction of the new city wall that Lian is responsible for will soon be completed. Honey has trained a large number of flying messengers for His Royal Highness, and Sylvie has accompanied His Royal Highness to detect those terrible monsters,” she frustrated, “Only me. , There is still nothing to do, even the usual training content is not arranged, the assessment results are still the worst, I really don’t know why your Highness chose me here. “Well,” Candlelight thought for a while, “or else, go and ask him yourself.” ” “what? “His Royal Highness Roland is Lord Tilly’s brother, and you have also seen that he treats witches really sincerely, even Sylvie, who always keeps away from Roland and guards against the prince, has changed his tone. Yesterday, I couldn’t help but praised him,” Candlelight shrugged, “You ask your Highness face to face, he can’t possibly eat you? “Really? That seems to make sense. Evelyn thought for a while. In order not to be bothered by this suffering, she decided to do what the candle said. (To be continued.) Chapter 301 The day after the relocation of the Witches of Sleeping Island with Bombs and Wine, Roland called the City Hall Chief Barov to the office. “I need you to make a recruitment announcement,” he pushed the drafted content in front of the opponent, “a week-time day job, about ten people, preferably women.” Barov picked up the paper and read it carefully, “Your Highness, May I ask what starch is?” “Wheat flour, do you know?” The manager hesitated, “Are you referr