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plosives 。 Nitroglycerin has not yet begun trial preparation, and tnt is even more difficult to talk about. Nitrostarch has become the easiest potent explosive to be manufactured. The manufacturing process is exactly the same as nitrocellulose. The finished product has low sensitivity and cannot be ignited by an open flame. It needs to be detonated with a detonation tube, which is more powerful than tnt, and was widely used as a substitute for the former during the two world wars. With high-purity starch, those alchemy apprentices who have touched the process of making nitrocellulose, Presumably Can quickly produce a batch of nitrated starch. After lunch, Roland was about to go back to the room to take a nap, and suddenly there was a knock on the door outside the office. Usually the one who comes to him at this time, Shiyou* is Anna. His heart beat twice. Could it be that he fell asleep because he was too tired last time, so he decided to pick it at noon this time? “Come in.” The door squeaked open and Roland was taken aback. It was Evelyn standing outside. Uh, this is a bit different from what I thought. He coughed twice and showed a kind smile, “What’s the matter?” She walked to the table and bowed her head in salute, looking a little nervous, “Your Highness, I want to ask you a question. .” Isn’t it a cliché again, why are you so good to witches? However, in the spirit of treating comrades as warm as a spring breeze, he smiled and said, “Ask any questions.” “Why did you choose me to come to Border Town?” Roland was taken aback for a moment. Could it be that she was thinking that drinking is not good? Drink? “My ability is neither as good as Sylvie’s, nor as practical as Lotus and Honey,” she whispered, “Just for wine tasting, the monthly salary of Golden Dragon is enough to hire a professional brewer from the capital. Master.” “What do you think of those wines?” “At first, I thought it was too hot, but it’s acceptable to drink slowly. As for the mixed wines mixed with ice cubes, fruit juice and sugar water,