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ing to coarse flour or refined flour? The grains of wheat can be ground into bread or baked into wheat cakes, and what you eat They are all refined flour that is further sieved to remove the bran. The output of the latter is only 60% of the former, and the baked bread is softer, but the price is very high, and only the nobles can afford it.” The former assistant to the Minister of Finance What makes Roland most satisfied is that he has a full understanding of all kinds of underlying commodities. Due to the backwardness of agriculture and the lack of food, the same food is eaten completely differently at all levels. For example, the most common wheat, the common people’s way of eating is to cook porridge directly from the shelled wheat grains, which can maximize the use of food. However, some residual husks and sandstones will also be boiled into the pot together, which often tastes awful. Bang quack bang teeth. The little nobles have to be more careful, they will order people to sift the wheat grains out of sand, grind them into coarse powder, and bake them into bread and pancakes before enjoying. On top of that is the wealthy aristocratic class. For these people, food is no longer simply a tool to fill their stomachs, but a means to pursue delicious enjoyment. The kitchen will further sift the wheat flour to remove the bran, and get a snow-white fine milled flour. The baked bread is beige. Not only does it taste fine, it tastes much sweeter. “Starch is made from refined wheat flour and continued to be purified and processed,” Roland said, “When you hire someone, I will send someone toTell them the way they are. “Continue, continue processing?” “Barov couldn’t help but his eyes widened, “That’s how much wheat you have to use.” “I don’t need too much, three or four hundred kilograms.” Roland paused and changed his words. “It’s just a basket as big as my table.” He nodded in response, and then asked, “Why do you ask to be as female as possible?” “Because they do things more carefully.” Moreover, I hope to see mor